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One-A-Day Baby

January 18, 2010

Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix ♥s Lollipops

I’m joining the One-A-Day bandwagon and so with that said Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix is born! Why the long title? It feels good to say it out loud really fast. Try it, you will be pleased with the results. No, say it a bit louder! Feels good man ♥

I’m going to jump right into this and quickly mention how much I’d love to play Bayonetta. I’ve already clocked in just under 70 hours of gameplay and I have only one more achievement to unlock for beating Climax mode. Gameplay is solid. Visuals are good. Bayonetta wants me to touch her and my review should be going live on in the next few days. I am still not Bayo’d out for some reason. I am going to quite happily play some more during this week and even feature it in my Games Studies coursework. Maybe I have a problem…

Tomorrow I am heading over to Covent Garden to preview Final Fantasy XIII. I think I am still one of the few people who are not sceptical about the game at all. Sure the English voice cast is quite disappointing but I am all for old school RPG styled combat which the game seems to uphold. I am getting my hands on both 360 and PS3 versions and will give you my verdict tomorrow evening. I hope it is a good one!

I have not much else to say for my first daily blog. Of course, the future blogs will be more subject specific but I kind of felt the need to talk about anything on the first blog. I hope you enjoy my ramblings over the course of the year (fingers crosses) and please shout at me if I forget to post.

In other news: I am doing this one-a-day blog purely to make a friend of mine rage.

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