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To Finland and Beyond

January 20, 2010

To Finland

Before I head off to find drunken thugs outside the Massive Action Game event, I thought I’d post some rather exciting news. I just heard I am off to Finland next week to check out Alan Wake on behalf of How awesome is that? Very awesome, that’s what!

Today has been a very boring and slightly productive day. I have started on that damned coursework I have been avoiding for quite some time. Got the easy stuff out of the way such as remaking my CV, reflection on learning and organising the style of the pages. Now I just have to search, evaluate some sources and write 1000 words for or against the statement “Video Games have a negative impact on children’s learning”. Then, after writing said argument, I need to create a slideshow with notes. Then create a gameplay diary video with 2 pages worth of commentary notes.

None of the above includes the other 5 essays I have to produce, along with 4 articles and transcribing an interview. Top that with a few games reviews and 2 previews plus the preview from Alan Wake, I will be a busy girl. Thank god I don’t start uni until February!

I re-watched District 9 last night. I forgot how good that movie is and how I’d love for them to make a sequel where all the aliens are saved and that South African guy gets turned back. Oops… spoilers!

Anyway, I better put some pants on and get on the tube. Till next time internets, stay classy.

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  1. January 20, 2010 10:12 pm

    Make sure to bring back lots of stereotypical Finnish things, and hopefully good news on Alan Wake.

    Good luck with that workload! Yikes!

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