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Mass Erect 2

January 31, 2010

You probably guessed already but I’ll be rambling on about Mass Effect 2. So much has improved since the first and I honestly believe this will be my life over the next few weeks.

I’ve currently landed in Omega after completing some of the DLC (Normandy Crash Site) and running around the Citadel. The game store in the Citadel is well worth hanging around, some good laughs there. You should also check out the adverts if you need a smile. Also dancing…. I…. just go dancing.

Omega is amazing. I can enjoy sitting forward and tipping Asari dancers (again) as well as having a pointless swig on a drink at the bar. I went and talked with Aria and learned the first rule of Omega club, “Don’t fuck with Aria“.

Random fact by the way: Aria is voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss aka Trinity from The Matrix /mindblown

Anyway, if you have not picked up Mass Effect 2 and are not sure then I give it the Lauren seal of approval. RIGHT HERE!

This was a very pointless blog but I’m a bit all over the place right now and can’t think of anything good to say.

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