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Monster Hunter Hardcore

February 1, 2010

I went to check out Monster Hunter Tri Wii today for Resolution Magazine. Preview will be up in a few days but I thought I’d just do my one a day about it.

I can’t really understand the decision to go with the Wii platform. The previous PSP/PS2 format would have suggested a natural progression to 360/PS3 but they went Wii and I just…don’t..get it. I know there is a port of Monster Hunter Online coming to 360 later on but I am talking about just normal Monster Hunter.

You see Monster Hunter has always been a pretty hardcore game. One that demands a huge amount of time dedicated to really get anything out of it. While there is a hardcore Wii crowd out there, the majority of hard core gamers are using the 360/ps3 formats so it just feels a little alien to me by making it a Wii exclusive.

It does have pretty amazing graphics for a Wii game and it is a shame that this is the one thing holding it back. The game play is there and the content is rich. I don’t trust the Wii’s online service after Smash Brothers released and feel that this will only hinder the games 4-player online mode that was the best thing about the game.

Anyway, as I said, a preview will be up soon.

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