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Sleepy Première

February 2, 2010

Setting this one-a-day back one day as I was up till 5am playing Mass Effect 2. I looked at the clock around 11:30pm and said to myself “yeah, going to come off and do my one-a-day before midnight hits”. Did it? Did I fuck.

I don’t know if it was because Jack has started opening up to me, or maybe that I’ve unlocked new clusters in the galaxy and wanted to explore them. I just didn’t keep track of time and it wasn’t until 5am hit the clock and my eyes started to feel heavy, I decided to get off and sleep some.

I am off to a Halo Legends première later on. A few people I know are heading down and I think it’d be a nice evening to chill, check out the movie, mingle and be … well.. relaxed.

I’m feeling all on edge for the last 2 weeks and it have been a mixture of university and personal issues that have just made me feel.. meh. I am sure I will pick up soon, Uni kicks back in again next week and I have plenty of work to write up and think about but something else is just going to take a while to heal. I’ll get there, not that I really want to.

As I type this, I quickly popped my 360 on in preparation for another mini marathon of ME2. I have to head out in a few hours so I can’t get too into it.

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  1. February 3, 2010 2:29 pm

    I hope the arrival of ME2 has helped alleviate the stress… sometimes it’s nice when popular culture (particularly a video game) has the ability to take you into another reality for a while and kind of give you the comforting feeling that millions of others are doing the same thing as you.

    Hope Halo was success!

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