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Raiding Eidos

February 5, 2010

Something awesome happened today. I went to the Square Enix/Eidos offices in Wimbledon to check out Just Cause 2 on the Xbox 360. The epic thing is that I got to have a mini peak at some Tomb Raider stuff. I’m so easily amused when it comes to Tomb Raider ❤

Just Cause 2 is really fun by the way. While I am not too hot for sandbox styled games, Just Cause 2 really displayed a lot of promise. Beautiful blue skies back in video games, thank you! I had about an hour hands on from the start of the game and I had so much fun with it. Grapple hooks are getting more awesome these days.

As usual, wait for the preview. You can check out my hands-on preview of Monster Hunter 3 Wii over at Resolution right now. Leave comments about how awesome I am 🙂

Delicious Lara ❤ *dribble, foam, etc*

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  1. ZeroCast permalink
    February 6, 2010 11:11 am

    Oh man, I wish I was there to witness all of those epic statues!

    Also, this .

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