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Missing in Action

February 13, 2010

Okay okay! I have been behind! I was back at Uni this week and things have been more hectic that I previously thought! What has been going on this week then? Well apart from being rubbish at one-a-day, I have been studying Journalism again and playing some video games! Planning out my preview and review work and also getting some paid freelance planned.

I’ll go into more detail during my backlogging of blogs but for now I will say that even though I have not started the single player for Bioshock 2, I am really enjoying it. I had previously written off the multiplayer prior to the release. I didn’t think Bioshock needed multiplayer and I was confused that 2K Games would carry onto develop it even after fan reaction was negative. It has a Team Fortress 2 feeling to it, the way it is all very manic and ridiculous.

I am determined to finish off my perfect run through of Mass Effect 2 before I touch Bioshock 2’s single player. I’ve done all the loyalty missions now and am farming planets for materials to upgrade before I finish off the remaining side quests. I’m so renegade as well.. it is sexual~

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