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The Tester – Episode 1

February 20, 2010

I sat down to watch The Tester, PS3’s attempt at a video game reality TV show. I talked about it briefly before but I thought about watching each episode for a giggle and posting my thoughts about it all here. Easy content, ay? ūüėČ

So I already like and dislike people, as you’d expect when watching reality TV shows. I have an idea who will get annoying and who will be pretty much safe throughout the show:

  • Star, known famously as Guitar Hero’s StarSlay3r, is already on my dislike list. Why? Well she was¬†particularly¬†annoying during the WGC Ultimate Gamer show, the show edits her well and it didn’t do her any favours. I am sure in real life she is a pretty sound lady but on reality TV, I just want to strangle her. She needs to cry MORE.
  • Cyrus is going to be the nice go-to guy for the majority of the show. He’s presented well, he’s shown as being honest and I think he will go far. He is probably a jerk but the show loves him.
  • Goof & Doc will be the comedy relief but I think only Goof will stay in long enough. Doc already has had a run in with the judges and I couldn’t stop laughing. Super cereal video game testing!
  • Luge & Nauseous act like the more¬†competitive¬†players. Nauseous especially. Luge however is from Brooklin, meaning if she doesn’t win someone is going to have their knees bashed in.

Barmy, a personal favourite straight away, got kicked out this week. He left with Roni after failing a spot the difference task the whole cast seemed to be shitting themselves over. Seriously.. spot the difference… Come on guys, it isn’t that scary!

We did manage to see mini-tears from Barmy who stated that his children are too young to understand how much he loves them. I don’t even know what he means by this but it was amazing to watch him tear up. I wanted him to win. Barmy 4 life.

I’m looking forward to next week. The show ending has pretty much hinted at Amped being the next to leave the Big Brother The Tester Loft. All American TV shows do this though, so it’ll be Doc or Big D. Who cares? I don’t really now I think about it…

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  1. Joey Bass permalink
    February 22, 2010 12:20 am

    Yo, you gotta see this…Luge is a cutie!

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