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Lost in Graphics

February 21, 2010

Picked up the Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares DLC the other day and only just had chance to co-op it today. I really liked it for some reason even though it was simple and extremely short. It was nice to check out RE5 again with a new setting. Plus, Jill looks fantastic~ Chris looks fantastic! Everyone in RE5 looks amazing!

It made me realise how much I love Resident Evil and what I’d do for them to re-make RE2 on the 360/PS3. Seriously, it would look amazing. It also really dawned on me how much video gaming has evolved from when I started on an Atari back in the day. My mind has seriously been blown with Final Fantasy XIII also providing me with extreme graphical eye candy.

I remember when Final Fantasy VIII came out and how REAL it looked. I remember showing the opening video to my brother and saying check that out! Of course he was a PC gamer so he didn’t care much. I proved him wrong later when showing him a copy of CVG with Final Fantasy X on the front and when I forced him to look at an in-game screen shot of Lulu, he just wouldn’t believe it was in-game. I said “No because this is the CG stuff! CHECK THAT OUT!” after practically wetting myself.

I know it is quite a random thought to post about but I honestly am gob-smacked right now. Mental.

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