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More to play~

February 22, 2010

So I had an event for an unannounced game today. I was very impressed and will let people know in more detail when the embargo lifts. Very excited about this title personally and was awesome to get a first look.

In other news I got Aliens vs Predator and Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 in the post today. I’ve been playing FF13 on the PS3 debug for a few days and after a rocky initial slow start (took about 10 hours to really open up) I am starting to really enjoy it. It’ll be such a shame as I know people are going to go by the first few hours and HATE it. Seriously, will be such a shame.

What else today? Hmm.. well I got tomorrow off of Uni as my teacher is very ill. So I am going to take this extra day off as a work day and plough through some due in writing. Things have been a little all over the place and I am missing deadlines /cry.

Got a new project to get involved with coming up soon. I hope it works out as I am really excited for it!

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