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Gaming, Dead Mice & Music

February 28, 2010

Redesigned the blog yesterday. What do you think? Decided that rather this just be a one-a-day thing it would be my blog in general. needs to be more portfolio based and serious. Here I can keep things a little more light-hearted and central on being a blog rather than two things.

Spent most of the morning and early afternoon in bed. Still not feeling 100% and resting is the only thing I can really do. I was up until 4am playing Final Fantasy XIII and writing down notes. Been such a long time since I sat down with a pen and paper with a game in bed. Feels like I was 14 again. I’d gotten so used to being sat next to my computer when gaming that I just had notepad open to write things down in.

The only real eventful thing today was finding a dead mouse in the living room. When I moved into these flats, I was told by the floor below about the rat traps that covered their living room floor. I never thought the rodents would travel up to our marginally cleaner flat upstairs, but one tiny mouse did. I think it was poisoned prior to seeking refuge in our living room, meeting its ultimate demise late in the night.

I mostly chilled out. Started writing up some of my FF13 guides in draft and doing some quick photoshop required for each of my posts. I’m trying to plan my day better and set goals for writing. Hopefully I’ll keep up with it. I also got another paid freelance gig last night too, things are really starting to pick up!

I haven’t really posted about music on here but a rather unexpected person released details of her upcoming album and it was… well… good. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Applemilk1988 but I will try explain. First of all have a listen to the band C.Cedille over on myspace music. So Emily (Aka Applemilk) is some American girl who made a bunch of youtube videos being a big old pile of weeabo. Some loved it, other hated and the rest just watched in confusion.

She got a big break with some Japanese agency and was flown over there to do some ‘sexy’ DVD and photo-shoots. This didn’t work out in the end and she shortly travelled back to the US. She has quite a huge following via her youtube and lots of people hate her for some reason. I found her annoying but funny at the same time, choosing to just ignore her videos.

Anyway, more weeabo youtubers get flown off to Japan (such as Magipon and Beckii Cruel) and Emily goes dead quiet. Now she is announcing her return to Japan and band C.Cedille. I took a quick listen as I was curious as to how bad it would going to be. For someone who had never really mentioned her singing, I could only imagine this was another attempt at getting internet famous. Turns out, the stuff is actually pretty good and now I am looking forward to the album coming out. MENTAL! So yeah, my fav track on the band site is 不眠症. Give it a listen~

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