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Nostalgia and Guide Writing

March 4, 2010

Yes, yes! I know I have been a bit overkill with mentioning Final Fantasy XIII on this blog. Especially since most of you haven’t got your grubbing gaming mits on it yet. I have been pretty much living and breathing this title for 2-3 weeks now, so it is hard to talk about anything else.

I’m really trying to branch out with different types of writing lately. My main focus has always been about blogging and critic work, so I have never really sat down and tried to write tips and guides. It was interesting and refreshing to take on a freelance job which required me to produce them.

Strangely, I’ve been really enjoyed it. Lazily scrawling down illegible notes on beating bosses and overcoming Eidolons at four in the morning has been a pleasurable experience. It really brought me back to the days where I couldn’t just pop onto my PC and look for how to beat a boss or solve a difficult puzzle. The days where I had to work out what to do on my own and feel a seriously feeling of satisfaction when I had overcome a challenge. Nowadays I find that I am growing ever more inpatient and with gaming time becoming quite a commodity, spending days trying to work a puzzle out just seems ridiculous to me.

I remember when Braid came out on XBLA and I got really stuck near the end. I’m a bit of a completionist so was trying to get all of the puzzle pieces. I sat for ages trying to figure out this one level and I ended up asking my friend who linked me to a youtube video. I remember sitting there for 5 minutes contemplating whether or not I should click on the link and instantly see what I need to do. All I wanted was a hint. I decided against it and went back to staring at the game screen. I did eventually work out how to solve it and ended up with euphoric feeling of satisfaction, something I only get now from finishing games on the hardest difficulty. Later on another puzzle had me stumped and I ended up angrily searching for a guide on youtube on how to complete it. Can’t win them all. I just wish they would bring  more traditional survival horrors as the old Resident Evils and Project Zero had the best, if not odd, puzzles.

Anyway, a bunch of my mini-guides for Final Fantasy XIII will go up on the Gamerzines Guides website at midnight, with more trickling out over the next week. Give them a look and a comment if you are feeling sexy~ I am also writing one of two Final Fantasy XIII reviews. Busy, busy, busy.

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  1. March 4, 2010 8:09 pm

    Two reviews? How does that work? Do you just try and write the same thing two different ways?

  2. Dobin1000 permalink
    March 5, 2010 8:15 am

    It seems that nowadays some developers are starting to take into account the ‘gamefaqs effect’ and designing games that are impossible to ‘complete’ without the internet. I’m thinking mainly of Fallout 3 – how many people would even be aware of half the locations in the game without online FAQs? The village of cannibals is totally unrelated to the game’s plot and is only three houses and a shed, and I only stumbled across it because I happened to walk in a certain random direction!

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