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Time with Split/Second

May 8, 2010

I had such a blast today! I went to Disney’s offices in London to check out Split/Second Velocity, the new arcade racer coming out on the 21st of May. I played the demo briefly and even though I liked it, I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until actually spending time with the multiplayer that I realised I … I really love it!

There was something about racing on tracks that exploded and changed up a normal arcade driving experience that was so satisfying, heart-pumping and absolutely mental. You could be in first place one minute, have a giant ship crash into you and then back to last place. Then, if you time it right, back into first. It’s relentless! I’ll link up my preview as soon as it is live.

After a few hours playing the game, Disney pit a bunch of us against each other to win some cool Astro goodies. I managed to score first place in the first race and ended up with with a very delicious pair of A30 Astro Headphones. They look and feel amazing. Sound quality is fantastic too, though I would expect that from a pair of £150 headphones!

After we went for drinks and pondered about work, life and who out of the gaming industry we would love to eat. I’m not sure I could ever eat human meat as I’m not a fan of pork and apparently humans taste like pork. Some interesting choices were made and mine were all for some certain sexy game developers. What about you lot? Who would you eat in the games industry?

Anyway, I’m back to Lost Planet 2. I’ve got Cat G Akrids to kill! Lost Planet 2 review here!

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