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That Busy Month

May 21, 2010

Holy smegging crap! It’s been insane this month for games. Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, Prince of Persia, Split/Second: Velocity all on my shelf right now, begging to be played more. Tomorrow there is Red Dead Redemption and later on Blur. What the hell games industry? Cut us some slack! Some of us have work, you know?

Rather than a clusterfuck of dismal titles, May has been some pretty meaty games. If you are not sure what to purchase this month then I defiantly recommend any of the above. Lost Planet 2 and Split/Second have been taking up most of my time, both extremely addictive online games.  Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands was a great, if not short, trip back to some classically additive platforming and Alan Wake has me getting scared of the dark again and smirking at the cheesy script and voice acting.

I’ve checked out a whole line-up of EA’s upcoming titles and DLC, played Crackdown 2 and am off to check out Starcraft 2 and APB next week. Meanwhile I have more coursework to shake a stick at. Only two more years of student living, two more years! I miss working, I really do!

It’s great though, all these games and reminds me how exciting it to be a gamer in 2010. I can’t imagine what E3 will bring to the table, hopefully something awesome! Last year was a little dismal and it would be nice to see something more than Natal, Move and a new Wii peripheral for once. How about some games? Some new features for our consoles? And seeing that we’ve been in this generation for a few years… maybe even information on the next cycle of consoles heading our way? Who knows!

I’d love to hear some news on Mirror’s Edge 2, the new Tomb Raider title (not the top down one) and maybe a new jRPG. Platinum Games’ Vanquish is also looking promising, so it would be great to get some more details on that potential gem as well. Oh man, I hate waiting around. At least I got a bunch of games to keep me busy.

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  1. May 21, 2010 5:17 am

    Loving the Calvin & Hobbes banner :] some of those words were good too.

  2. SpAM_CAN permalink
    May 23, 2010 2:47 pm

    Smegging :3

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