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StarCraft II Launch Party

July 27, 2010

It’s about time StarCraft II released because I was starting to get fed up with people practically orgasming over each and every tiny morsel of news being revealed onto the net. Not that a little hype did anyone any harm but we’ve been waiting bloomin’ ages!

I was also getting a little twitchy each time someone replied “it’ll be out when it’s ready” whenever someone was stupid enough to ask for an estimated release date. That single statement has now become the “so Blizzard” thing to say about any future title they intend to release and I know it’s going to keep driving me insane. Actually it might drive me to the point where I just smash a sledge hammer into the face of any smug arse hat who feels the need to say it.

Breathe. It’s okay now, Lauren. StarCraft II is out. PC gaming is no longer dead and Korea can now evolve. Thank goodness.

I’m actually looking forward to playing some more StarCraft II. I managed to nab a copy at the launch party Blizzard held in London last night. The games press gathered in a swanky central London bar, sipping on Zerg cocktails and excitedly commenting on the StarCraft II light show that was projected onto the walls and tables. Everyone looked generally excited to get their hands on with the game and it wasn’t until walking down to GAME on Oxford Street did the buzz really kick off.

I felt a bit guilty walking past the crowds of fans who had been lining up since 10am to grab the game. I just walked on in, grabbed my press bag with the game and some goodies and stood around commenting on the stores décor, the poor model in the Queen of Blades costume – who looked amazing by the way – and how much I wanted that amazing collector’s edition.

As midnight approached and fans were slowly buying the first few copies of the game, I wondered outside and walked all the way to the back of the line. I had a spare goody bag and it was for the poor sod at the back who will be enjoying a long wait. After passing a few hundred people, I stumbled on a couple who were excitedly waiting in line and gave it to them. Then I walked back up chucking a few World of Warcraft goodies from the press kit into the crowd. I did keep some goodies for myself though: The game, puzzle, poster, stickers, magnets and other such wonderful SC2 merchandise.

It was a good night all in all. Got heckled by the crowds, questioned on the train and even recognised by people in line… which is still a very weird feeling. If you are a little bored and want to have a few matches on then my ID is atheistium at gmail dot com. I’m pretty rusty when it comes to RTS, so you’ll lack any kind of challenge for the moment.  Now I just need to work out how to make a ZERG cocktail. They should have just called it a Zerg Rush. Missed opportunity there Blizzard bar staff.

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