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Changing Servers

August 4, 2010

Excuse the mess! I’m currently transferring this blog from hosted to self hosted. The transition is going smoothly apart from one thing: The Domain!

There is an issue with the domain provider’s Name Server switch admin page which means I’ll have to wait until someone fixes this manually for me. For now you can visit DailyGirlPanic.Com and keep up with it all. will redirect to the new blog soon enough and I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please don’t do anything stupid! YOU HEAR ME!

In other news: If you enjoy the LIKE button on Facebook then you should click it on the Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix Page! I’d love you forever and you’d get your glorious mug on the facebook widget on the side bar. Getting your face on said widget will make you famous and rich beyond your wildest dreams*.
*It won’t. I’m a terrible lier. Don’t sue me please.

There is a massive post coming up soon about Survival Horror games. I hope you will all enjoy it and there are more things to come from soon.

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